Building a Shed

Having recently picked up on gardening, I have greatly become fond of it and it is something I do in my yard every day. My challenge, however, has always been getting the right seedlings and having a tool shed for my tools. However, I always love a good challenge and I have recently set up a tool shed and discovered there was not too much mystery behind.The right location is important and I chose an area that has good drainage, is leveled and next to the yard. If you are looking to build your own tool shed, then the step to step process I have outlined below will come in handy for you.


Building the floor is critical to the building of the shed and you will require deck block at each corner to eliminate the need for any kind of floor beams. Consider installing three deck blocks between each corner of the walls instead of two, if you are hoping to store particularly heavy items. In most cases, you will need to start by setting up deck blocks as shown in the plans. You can use lumber guides to help you lay them which you can later remove once you have achieved the right dimensions.



Picture of a lady building garden shed

The walls of the shed are built in the same way as that of the home is built and you will find the plans useful in helping you to frame doors and windows as well. Since the plans do not give exact measurements of the floors and windows, you can opt for scrounged windows or doors that can be perfect for the shade. While salvaged wood can be fixed permanently, you will want to be careful with them since they attract and trap flies which can make a dirty mess and therefore using a different window would be ideal.


One great thing that I will be particularly pleased about is painting the shed with the help of my new handheld paint sprayer. Painting works are usually quite arduous, but time-consuming and paint sprayers are a brilliant technology you can use to help with your painting works. They come in an array of colors. This makes the job quite fancy since you can always use a color that you like and even mix different hues that bring out your taste perfectly.


People painting the wall


Using steel connector plates is the easiest way to make the roof frame which will end up giving you a strong roof and eliminating the need for fancy cuts on the rafters. It is important to check how the roof frame sits on the walls since if you leave spaces, it will invite bugs, birds and rodents to your shed. Before you cover the roof, it is important that you cover and fasten such spaces.


The spray paints can also be used in a lot of projects in the hope that you will be delighted to do all by yourself. If your paint works are wearing off, using the spray paints can be quite handy. It is easy to use and can easily restore your paint works to be as good as new. After all, a freshly painted garden shed is a thing of beauty, a marvel to look at.